Tips for encouraging readers across America

Partners Post, February 2014

Most popular: The five-finger test. 
Teachers across Pennsylvania often recommend the five-finger test for elementary school readers. Watch the video for details.

Explore the American Library Association website for its “top reads” lists,
- Chris Cooke, Council Rock School District

A parent/adult and child should each choose a book, allowing for only one picture book. These are good reading habits to practice until age 10.
- Christine Braun, Tredyffrin Easttown School District

Select “good fit” books - a “good fit" book is one where a child can read most of the words on the page and can retell the story.
- Cheryl Bachman, Slippery Rock School District

Review the Newbery Medal lists for the most prestigious, award-winning children's books at
- Audrey Wingard, Burgettstown School District

Speak to a librarian.
- Tammy Templeton, Towanda School District

What are your child's interests—his/her likes and dislikes? Explore what interests will draw him/her to read books.  
- Andrea Deible, Clarion-Limestone School District 

Visit for hand-selected books for every age and every reading level.  
- Aubrey Carrington, Troy School District

Allow your child to choose a book. Read it to him or her and discuss the story. This habit will help your child select age-appropriate books.
- Carol Troisi, Millville School District

Start young. Visit libraries with your child at a very early age.
- Kim Stewart, Mifflin County School District

Talk with your child's teacher and school librarian, and visit bookstores. Use the “5 finger test” in choosing age-appropriate books.
- Elizabeth Stump, Kutztown School District

Nurture a love and appreciation for reading and its artwork with your child.
- Patsy Tallarico, retired educator

Always know what your child is reading. Preview books to ensure they are age appropriate.
- Joyce Master, Butler School District






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