Wonder which questions to ask during parent-teacher conferences?

Partners Post, October 2014

Parent-teacher conferenceWe asked professionals who work in Pennsylvania schools to recommend questions for parents and guardians to ask in order to have productive parent-teacher meetings. Here are some ideas to consider:

How are my child's grades and attitude? What can I do to assist my child? 
Jodie, high school art teacher, Erie Education Association

How well is my child understanding the concepts taught in class? How can I support my child to help him/her be successful in school? 
Heather, instructional coach, Association of Mifflin County Educators  

What are my student's strengths and weaknesses? What resources are available to help my child do better? 
Nancy, high school teacher, Greater Johnstown Education Association  

How do you, the teacher, prefer to be contacted? How much homework should the students expect to see on a regular basis? 
Michelle, English teacher, Northampton Education Association  

What are some positives you see in my child? I'd like to share a positive with my child that came from you. Do you know of any way to deepen my child's enrichment, remediation, character, or individual strengths as a parent?  
Cynthia, English-as-a-Second-Language teacher, West Chester Education Association  

What is the best way to contact you? 
Reneda, seventh-grade learning support specialist, Hermitage Education Association  

Where can I find my child’s assignments and curriculum online? What can I do as a parent to support my child at home? 
Tammy, middle school math teacher, Wilson Area Education Association  

What is one area with which I can help my child? What can we do as a team (child, partner, school) to help my child be successful? 
Judy, third-grade teacher, Lancaster City Education Association  

What are ways you challenge my child? What can I do to ensure that my child is getting the most they can from their education? 
Amanda, elementary teacher, Erie Education Association  

What are some resources that can be used at home to provide help for my child if he/she is struggling throughout the year? 
Sara, sixth-grade math teacher, Grove City Education Association  

How does my child interact with his/her classmates? 
Carl, high school teacher, Laurel Highlands Education Association  

 How much homework should my son/daughter have? How can I get more involved in supporting public education? 
Regis, middle school teacher, Northgate Education Association  

What can I do to help my child do better in school? What kind of skills will my child learn this year and be required to master by the end of the year?  
Angela, school counselor, Beaver Falls Education Association  



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