A parent's guide to social media apps

Partners Post, December 2014

This holiday season, the latest smartphones and tablets will be among the most popular items on tweens' and teens' wish lists.

With this new technology comes a seemingly endless rollout of social media apps marketed to tweens and teens — and headaches for parents and families struggling to keep track of children's screen time, stay involved, and keep an eye out for bullying and other problems often associated with social media.

Thankfully, parents and technology experts, like "High-Tech Dad" blogger Michael Sheehan, help to cut through the noise and offer simple, straightforward information about the apps kids are using to connect with each other.

Check out this recent blog post, "Parents Guide to Social Media Apps Used by Kids," for the latest information on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Kik Messenger
  • Ask.FM
  • Vine
  • Instagram
  • ooVoo

You'll find an overview of each platform, what each app provides, where and how it can be accessed, privacy policies, how accounts can be deleted, how naming works, and insight for parents.

Sheehan also shares experiences from his own life: "I have always advocated having an open conversation and dialog about the dangers and impact of social media, especially in terms of cyberbullying. That being said, with coaching and conversations with your children, kids can use social media just fine. Mine aren’t perfect at it, but my wife and I tell them what is appropriate or not as well as why they should potentially change or delete a particular post."



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