Let's make sure PA invests in great schools for years to come

Partners Post, February 2016

Great things are happening in Pennsylvania's schools, but a school funding crisis could result in more programs cuts and staff layoffs unless lawmakers take steps to pass a 2015-16 budget and invest more in public education next year.

On Feb. 9, Gov. Tom Wolf laid out a plan to close the budget deficit, end the school funding crisis, and make sure that Pennsylvania has the resources to invest in public schools for years to come. The governor's budget plan would increase school funding by $350 million in the current 2015-16 school year and by another $200 million in 2016-17.

Partners for Public Education hopes this funding will allow districts to reduce the number of students in overcrowded classrooms as well as to restore academic programs and electives such as art and music that have disappeared from too many schools in recent years. The educational benefits for students would pay dividends for decades.

But this solution to Pennsylvania's school funding crisis can only work if legislators agree to it. If lawmakers fail to tackle the budget deficit, Pennsylvania public schools could be looking at another $1 billion in funding cuts to balance the structural deficit, by the Wolf administration's estimate. That could surely result in more program cuts, larger class sizes, staff layoffs, and property tax hikes.

That's why it's important for Partners like you to continue to speak out. Let your legislators know that you support restoring critical state funding to public education.

School funding crisis - Trailing Behind


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