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Parents Corner: How much screen time should your child have? Commentary by Christopher Clayton: Migrating the digital divide with our children Let's make sure Pennsylvania's public schools remain best in the nation

Student at ComputerChildren today have seemingly unending choices when it comes to media. They can watch videos on television or tablets, play videogames on smartphones or gaming units, or engage with friends on social media and email. Round-the-clock media exposure is a hallmark of our digital age. But how much is too much?

HashtagIn educational parlance, the students of today are often referred to as "digital natives," while those of us in our 30s and older are "digital immigrants." The idea is that the children of today are growing up in a digital world with the inherent right to know and communicate whatever they want whenever they want at the touch of a button, while us experienced (not old) analog folks must migrate to this "Brave New Digital World."

students classroomPennsylvania public schools are among the best in the nation. For a decade, student achievement has been improving, thanks to the efforts of teachers and education support professionals who work with our children every day.

Policymakers should be aware of this success and make critical investments in public education to continue to foster student achievement.

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