Budget passes, but school funding crisis lives on

Pennsylvania has a 2015-16 budget, but it does little to address the state's school funding crisis.   More »
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Understanding the Keystone Exams - Cover

Resource highlight: Partners has a resource to help you better understand Pennsylvania's Keystone Exams.

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Learning is our destination

Friday Photo: Learning is our destination

In Ms. Williams' 4th grade class in Bancroft Elementary School (Kennett Consolidated School District), students "packing their suitcases" for 5th grade will move forward with this invaluable lesson: No matter where you go, learning is your destination.

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Public health expert discusses lead exposure in kids

Dr. Loren Robinson, Pennsylvania’s deputy health secretary for health promotion and disease prevention

Pennsylvania's deputy health secretary for health promotion and disease prevention, Dr. Loren Robinson, talks about what Pennsylvanians should know about lead..


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