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Public education is about all of us. The public schools are our schools. They serve our communities and shape our future. Pennsylvania's public schools are where 1.7 million of our children learn every day. But public schools can't do the job alone. It takes parents, community leaders, elected officials, and educators working together.


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Hear their stories: students discuss
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Understanding Keystone Exam remediation Dr. Jessie Ramey of Yinzercation on advocating for school funding in Harrisburg New survey tracks damage of school funding cuts, calls for a new direction

Last October, the Pennsylvania Board of Education passed regulations that require all students to take state exams, initially in three subjects – algebra, biology, and English literature. School districts must provide supplemental instruction for any student who fails one of these tests, known as the Keystone Exams. Get an overview of the new system.

Dr. Jessie B. Ramey, a parent of two Pittsburgh Public School students and an advocate for public education, is the brains behind the website and blog “Yinzercation.” Last week, she brought parents and families to Harrisburg to advocate for increases in state funding for public schools. Read an excerpt from her blog post about the experience.

State lawmakers are debating the details of the 2014-15 budget, including how much will be invested into public schools and classrooms next year. A recent survey found that more cuts to instructional programs and staff layoffs are on the way for school districts across Pennsylvania.

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