Education in the digital age

Partners Post, December 2014

HashtagChildren today have access to media everywhere they go. They can watch television on demand, play Minecraft on their tablets, cruise the Internet on their laptops, or engage with friends on smartphone apps. The list goes on. The digital age also has brought with it numerous opportunities for young people to learn and has opened the door to new careers in science and technology.

In this issue of Partners Post, we take a look at the intersection of technology and education and what it means for our children. First, we highlight a project that introduces the concept of code and programming to students during Computer Science Education Week — Dec. 8-14. Then a first-person account from an education expert discussing digital literacy and learning through the eyes of his tech-savvy 7-year-old. We share tips from doctors on how much screen time your children should have and a parent's guide to social media apps. Read about how the Allegheny Conference on Community Development is working to prepare the workforce in Southwestern Pennsylvania for the science and tech jobs of the 21st century. And get a quick reminder on how your Partner Benefits can save you money on holiday shopping.



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