So how was school today?

Partners Post, October 2015

How was school today?Has this ever happened to you? Your child walks in the door, and you ask, "So how was school today?" The answer comes fast and furious: "Fine."

You then ask, "Well, what did you do today?" And you hear: "Nothing."

It can be tough getting past those one-word answers, but it is worth the effort.

One strategy is to ask your children questions that will engage them and get them thinking about their day. Blogger Liz Evans of Simple Simon and Company offers some help, with 25 ways to ask your child and 28 ways to ask your teen, "So how was school today?" without actually asking "So how was school today?" For example, she suggests asking your elementary school child questions like, "Tell me something that made you laugh today," and your teen, "Where in the school do you hang out the most?"

There are many ways for parents and guardians to get involved — and stay involved — in their children's school life. This issue of Partners Post looks at a few different ways for you to consider. 



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