"Learning Lessons" from PA classrooms hits the small screen

Partners Post, February 2016

Learning Lessons

At EverGreen Elementary in the Western Wayne School District, children are learning about great music in the great outdoors.

At the Gator Café at Gateway High School in Allegheny County, students with special needs fill coffee orders, make change, and pick up valuable experience that will be useful when they enter the workforce.

And at the Jim Thorpe Area School District's Penn-Kidder Campus, the word "TORCH" - short for "Teamwork, Organization, Respect, Choices, and Honor" - is uniting educators and students as they work collaboratively to promote a positive learning environment.

These are just some of the stories featured in the debut episode of "Learning Lessons: Great ideas, Great schools" on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN).

The production, in partnership with the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), highlights the great things that educators and support professionals are doing in our schools every day to help students learn and grow.

PSEA Learning Lessons - Episode 1

Learn more about "Learning Lessons" at www.psea.org/LearningLessons



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